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Looking for a better way to tie down your Motorcycle, Vehicle, Cargo Load or???

You have found it!

Frustrated with not being able to tie a load tight enough with a buckle, but not wanting to hassle with a ratchet only tie down strap, we have developed the Easy-Tie™.

The Last Tie You Will Ever Need!

It combines the best of both straps into one.  Quickly strap down the load using the buckle and then tighten it down with only a couple pulls on the ratchet!

No more stuck ratchets!.. Release is as easy as pushing a button on the buckle.

It only takes one person to tie down your motorcycle!




We are very proud to announce the following companies now distribute our product!!



J & P Catalog, item Number: 920-462

Link to Catalog


Harley Davidson Parts 

Eastern Performance Part Number : R1-001



Welcome To Excalibur 

Excaliber Motorcycle Works in Canada!


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